Y God is Relevant in our Lives
A lot of people seem to be under the misperception that if they don’t believe in God, God does not exist, but people often forget that their belief in God does not change whether God exists or not. For example, even if we refuse to believe that Katmandu exists, it still does, regardless of our belief or unbelief. There are many people who don't believe in God but little do they realize that they are made in the image of god, and that the moral compass they live by everyday was put there by god. I’m not claiming to prove this but I can make a strong case for it. For a believer there are obvious benefits that come with believing in God:

1. Many people have found that believing in god makes them better people here and now, even if there is no God.
2. You can have a relationship with a divine being that knows you better than you know yourself
3. God’s promise of heaven for those who believe is a great consolation
4. It’s reassuring to know that someone greater and more powerful than you is listening to you
5. Because the believer knows that there is divine supervision of the world the believer is able to use suffering and evil and draw good out of it (an unbeliever maybe can, but it seems more difficult)

In sum, a true believer in God understands that there are no deeper satisfactions to be had than a relationship with God.