"Sparing young readers the burdens of theological and doctrinal subtlety, Danielle D’Souza provides sound and instructive glosses on the very foundations of Christianity. Along the way, she liberates young readers from the chains of ignorant prejudice and “selective” histories as she locates the central place of Christianity in the forging and preservation of western civilization."
D. N. Robinson
Professor of Philosophy, Oxford University Oxford, England
"It’s now quite obvious that the amazing Dinesh D’Souza has in fact learned all that he knows from his brilliant daughter, Danielle! So, if you want the real thing, straight from the source, why not skip the middleman and read this book? Seriously, if you have a teenager, you must get this! Tremendous."
Eric Metaxas
New York Times Bestselling Author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
"Danielle D’Souza brings up every sticky question that gets tossed around on the deflated sofas of church youth groups. I would love to see Y GOD read and discussed in each one of these groups, because it will stimulate discussion on the most important issues of life…"
Founder and Director, Graduate Program in Christian Apologetics at Biola University, La Mirada, California
"Wow, this is an impressive book! As a teacher, I can attest that Danielle is asking the most pressing questions this generation faces. Her conversational style is engaging, and her responses are right on track. I will be recommending this book to many young people."
Educator, Speaker and Author of Ethix: Being Bold in a Whatever World
"How does a teenager write a book? With tweets from readers, URLs in place of journal citations, and phrases like "IDK and IDC." In her debut book, high schooler D'Souza (daughter of embattled author Dinesh D'Souza) uses these elements to address 32 questions about Christianity. From free will to whether America is a Christian nation, D'Souza tackles complex issues succinctly and with a fresh, blog-like style. The book lacks a preface, which could have explained why the author chose those particular questions. Further, the source material (e.g., Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers) is questionable, particularly in a book calling for factual answers to life's biggest questions. But what could be more relevant than a high school student explaining creationism versus evolution to other high school kids by using YouTube as a reference? D'Souza might not give older writers a run for their money when it comes to research, but her book will certainly show that young people do care about matters of faith and can address them fearlessly."
"Danielle D’Souza certainly did not fall far from the tree—her first book foreshadows a vocation as a writer and thinker who is both precocious and influential. Her achievement here is to create reasoned responses to difficult criticisms of Christianity that are often thrown at young people today and to translate them into “teenagerese.” My own teenage granddaughter verified for me the aptness of the translation, and its range and depth impressed her—no easy thing to do, I have found."
Michael Novak
Author, Washington’s God: Religion, Liberty, and the Father of Our Country and No One Sees God: The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers
"Actually you have to read the dialogues and the discussion in her book YGod to get a real sense of how she thinks and writes. I always think of Tweets as the simplest and bare bones of an idea without much real depth. The book does more than Tweet at the reader and for a young woman of about 17 she does quite well at presenting a balanced view of hers and other positions. Thanks for the comments and Tweet-sharing and best wishes to you."
"Danielle D'Souza is an amazing young writer. This book is eloquently written and has a tone that is inviting and nonjudgmental to any reader. The book covers 32 of the toughest questions asked about Christianity, and examines the commonly debated questions with the facts and evidence to support her beliefs as a young Christian. I love how she invites her peers to ask their own questions whether they be on the fence about their faith or a complete nonbeliever. Y God invites anyone to join in the conversation about faith. This book is perfect for teens/young adults, and would be a great resource for any youth group or youth pastor. I highly recommend this book!!!!"
"What a welcome surprise to see an apologetic book which is written for a teen by a teen. One of the greatest aspects of Y God is that it is engaging and written with simplicity. The purpose of the book is not to convince teens about God, or to prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt, but to bring logical; practical answers to 32 of the most compelling questions that both believers and skeptics have about God and faith. Y God is wonderfully written and a must read for every teenager. Y God gives conversation to teens regarding the toughest of questions and brings a fresh approach to every question."